Similar to healthcare organizations, K-12 school systems collect and store reams of highly sensitive data on their students and staff members. In addition to academic records, a school’s information systems may store student and staff medical information, Social Security numbers, address and employment information, credit card data, and even information regarding students’ parents and other immediate family members. Also, K-12 facilities’ computer systems are often connected to other government agencies and universities for information sharing purposes. This means that, in addition to threats of ransomware attacks and breaches of student and staff data, hackers may compromise a school’s network for the purpose of using it as a “back door” into their real target. Threats from students are also an issue, as young hackers may seek to change grades or cause general disruption to a school’s network.

Meanwhile, K-12 school systems are struggling with budgetary constraints and the need to adapt to rapidly shifting technologies, business practices, and user expectations, including a growing demand for e-learning applications, cloud security, cyber security awareness among students and staff, identity and access management, and the security issues posed by the myriad of personal devices brought onto campuses by students and staff.

Customized Managed Security Services to Protect K-12 Education Information Systems

The cyber security experts at Mosaic451 possess years of experience securing K-12 school system information systems. We understand the complex data environments that form the backbone of K-12 systems and the unique challenges faced by a sector whose user base includes children and teenagers as well as adults. Mosaic451’s managed security services are fully customized to meet your school system’s unique needs and environment, and can include:

  • 24/7 SOC systems monitoring and incident response conducted remotely, on-site, or both
  • On-site, dedicated personnel who can work in tandem with your existing security staff or function as a full security operations team
  • Breach assessment services
  • Device security management
  • Security strategy consulting
  • Identity access management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and services