Modern energy and utility organizations operate in a dynamic environment where they must constantly adjust to evolving regulatory requirements, disruptive technologies, rising customer expectations, and continuous pressure to cut costs.

The cyber threat landscape, too, is continually evolving. “Lone wolf” hackers are being eclipsed by well-funded, highly organized nation-state cyber criminals who may seek to compromise the nation’s critical infrastructure – including its power grids and water and gas supplies – as part of a coordinated terrorist attack. New smart grids and distribution systems present a new set of vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit, and older SCADA systems can no longer rely on “security through obscurity” or air-gapping.

In addition to operational systems, customer and employee data is also at risk. IoT security is of particular concern as more customers demand smart thermostats and other IoT devices to manage their utility consumption.

Customized Managed Security Services to Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Protect Critical Infrastructure

As the number and gravity of cyber security threats against critical infrastructure increases, the technology and expertise to combat them grows more complex, which makes obtaining outside help from cyber security experts crucial. Mosaic451’s staff aren’t just experts in cyber security; they are experts in critical infrastructure security, leveraging years of experience working with the federal government to protect some of the most complex and sensitive systems in the nation, including specific experience managing SCADA networks. Mosaic451’s managed security services are fully customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and environment, and can include:

  • 24/7 SOC systems monitoring and incident response conducted remotely, on-site, or both
  • On-site, dedicated personnel who can work in tandem with your existing security staff or function as a full security operations team
  • Logs and reporting to meet regulatory requirements and standards, including NERC CIP, ISO, SOX, COBIT, NIST, FFIEC, and FDIC