The modern cyber threat landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever. Organizations must protect sensitive enterprise data, maintain compliance with ever-changing government regulations, ensure continuous availability of mission-critical systems, and keep up to date with the latest cyber security technologies, strategies, and threats, all while simultaneously handling ancillary IT functions and not losing focus on the organization’s core competency. It’s a tall order. Most organizations simply do not have the expertise or human resources to handle all of these functions in-house, and maintaining a full-service in-house security team can decimate a company’s IT budget.

Mosaic451 brings elite experience and operations know-how to your organization at a cost that is far lower than maintaining an in-house security team. We hire only highly experienced, seasoned security professionals with deep knowledge of enterprise security. Our client base includes organizations in the federal and local government, education, energy, and finance sectors. We have worked with the federal government to build and protect some of the highest-level security networks in the nation.

The Mosaic Hybrid™ MSSP Solution

Mosaic451 approaches managed security services a bit differently than our competitors. Many MSSPs claim they can protect your systems and data solely through remote monitoring; they never set foot in their customers’ facilities. Mosaic451 realizes that pure outsourcing models simply do not work in complex data environments. An off-site MSSP never gets to know your business thoroughly enough to effectively protect it. They are always playing catch-up; there is no one present to ensure that cyber security best practices are being followed on-site to prevent breaches and regulatory violations; and there is no one to handle security incidents that occur on-site.

Our Mosaic Hybrid™ solution combines 24/7 off-site monitoring with dedicated on-site personnel that act as a full security operations team to provide the most comprehensive level of information security. We are not just another vendor, but your security partner. We learn your business, your staff, and your operations so that we can provide bespoke managed security services that are dramatically better than any pure off-site monitoring solution.

Mosaic451 can integrate into any existing environment, whether we are supplementing your existing security staff or supplying an entire on-site managed security services team.